About Us

Nanuet Boy Scout Troop 33     

      Nanuet's Boy Scout Troop 33 has over 90+ years of scouting history. Given the fact that the Boy Scouts of America is 100 years old, Nanuet has a long tradition within Scouting. Troop 33 was chartered in 1924 and is one of the oldest Boy Scout Troops in Rockland County. Our Chartering Organization is BPOE #2041 - Pearl River Elks Lodge.

    Today over 38 boys are active members with the troop. Troop 33 has produced over 60 Eagle Scouts.  If your son has just joined our troop, welcome. If he's still considering it, we're glad he's interested. In either case, this will answer your questions about Boy Scouting and our Troop.

     There are two ways of looking at Boy Scouting.

  •   From the boy's viewpoint, it's a game. It takes him outdoors for all types of activities like camping, boating and hiking, and it gives him a chance to learn new skills and be recognized for them. Boy Scouting also provides plenty of fun with old and new friends.
  •   From the parent's viewpoint, Boy Scouting is all that and more. It aims to strengthen the boy's character through precept and example, to make him a participating citizen, and to enhance his physical, mental and moral development. That sounds like a tall order, and it is. But Boy Scouting has proven over time that it can fill that order by introducting your son to new, wholesome experiences as he works and plays with his fellow Scouts in our troop.

    To join Boy Scouts your son must be between the ages 11 and 18, have completed at least the fifth grade or awarded Cub Scout Arrow of Light. Together you and he must complete an application form and return it to our troop's Scoutmaster along with the national membership fee.

    We meet Tuesday Nights 7:30pm at Highview Elementary School, 24 Highview Avenue, Nanuet, New York 10954.Come by to take a look and pick up an application.  Our Scoutmaster is James Schweiker, and Committee Chair is Graham Seidel. Use the "Contact Us" to reach us, we will get back to you.